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How to Handle Distractions While Driving


Distractions are dangerous. They can take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, and your mind off of what matters: getting to where you need to be in one piece.

But sometimes, it doesn’t feel like there’s much you can do about it. After all, how can you stop people from calling or texting you? How can you avoid checking your email when your phone starts buzzing in your pocket?

But there are several ways you can handle distractions while driving:

  • Set up your phone so it doesn’t distract you while driving. You can disable notifications and put your phone into airplane mode.
  • If a text message comes through while you’re driving, wait until you’ve arrived at your destination before responding or reading it.
  • Stay focused on what’s happening around your vehicle at all times. Don’t let yourself get distracted by other drivers or pedestrians who might cross into your lane without looking first.

You must prepare for any situation when driving, so potential distractions don’t catch you off guard. If you’re new to driving, it’s important to get some Driving Lessons in Addison before hitting the road alone.

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When you sign up for our Driving School in DFW, Texas, our instructors will teach you what causes distractions, how they impact your ability as a driver, and how best to deal with them when they arise.

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