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Personalized/Private Lessons

Private Driving Lessons in DFW, Texas

We understand that everyone learns differently and at different paces, and for this reason, we offer top notch personalized and private lessons. These kinds of lessons are at your convenience and tailor made to help you effectively learn how to drive.

Our Cars: We have numbers of cars dedicated only for the training purposes of the students. These are specially designed with added gears keeping in mind the safety and easy learning for the students. These vehicles have an extra pair of rear-view mirrors, gas and brake paddles. Which means that the vehicle control remains with the instructor.

Our Instructors: All our instructors are TDLR certified, matured, reliable, cool headed and professionally experienced. They have excellent driving and communication skills with sound technical knowledge. They teach students with patience and great care.
We have famale instructors available for female students on request. We also offer pick up and drop off services with an additional charge. Please call office during office hours.

Our Lessons: Our single driving lesson is 2(two) hours long. There is a 10 to 15 minutes break in between the hours. You can buy as many lessons as you need, until you are ready for your road test or reach your targeted level of driving skill! However, it cannot be more than one lesson a day. You will get a little discount if you buy lessons in bundle/package. A beginner can start with five lessons. They can take feedback from the instructors for corrective measures and to improve their driving skills. To learn more about our driving lessons and discounts, please click on the tab Driving Packages & Prices

How it Works: Once you make payment for your driving lessons, our front office will call to schedule your lessons over the phone. We try our best to match your preferred dates & time with our availability. Since we are open 7 days a week, our driving schedules are available. The office will confirm your driving schedule via email. No refund is applicable after scheduling driving lessons. You will have 60 days to complete your lessons.

For more information regarding our personalized and private lessons, feel free to give us a call at 214-884-5350 & 214-884-5288. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Since these private lessons are not a part of any course, therefore, no certificates are issued at the end of these lessons.

HOURLY RATES (Pick up/Drop off not included)(Weekend $10 Extra each day Add)

2-Hours FREEWAY/HIGHWAY driving lesson (Weekdays) $170.00
2-Hours FREEWAY/HIGHWAY driving lesson (Weekdends) $180.00
2-Hours one to one Driving lessons $110.00
1 Hour one to one Driving $90.00

#2.6-HOUR INTERMEDIATE COURSE (Pick up/Drop off not included)

Three-2 hour one to one driving Lessons (6 hours) $320.00
Three – 2 hours One to One Driving Lessons (6 Hours) (Weekend) $350.00

#3.10-HOUR BEGINNER COURSE (Pick up/Drop off not included)

Five-2 hour one to one driving Lessons (10 hours) $530.00
Five – 2 hours One to One Driving Lessons (10 Hours) (Weekend) $580.00

#4.12-HOUR BEGINNER SUPER COURSE (Pick up/Drop off not included)

Six-2 hour one to one driving Lessons (12 hours) $630.00
Six – 2 hours One to One Driving Lessons (12 Hours) (Weekend) $680.00