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Teen Drivers ED & Summer Special

Teenage Drivers Education Course (Teen ED)

Ideal Driving School offers the Teenage Drivers Education Course to help teenagers become responsible drivers. We offer hands-on courses to properly educate teenage drivers about road safety and responsibility. Our interactive course gives students the proper driver’s education which consists of both classroom and driving time. Our licensed instructors (both in-class & in-car) are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, competency, and special training vehicles to help teenagers understand the value and importance of road safety and traffic awareness.

Our TEEN ED courses are in two parts i.e., Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Instruction.

CLASSROOM: Teens are required to complete 32 hours (total 16 days, Monday to Friday for the 1′ two weeks, & Monday to Saturday for the 3′ week). Two hours a day after school from 5pm to 7pm in the classroom. If any student misses a class, he/she will have to make up that by coming on a weekend. During the classroom portion, the teen will sit for the Permit exam and will receive the permit certificate. Parents will arrange an appointment with DPS and will take the teen to get his/her permit.

BEHIND-THE-WHEEL INSTRUCTION: Once they get their permit, teens are required to complete 14 hours (7hrs driving & 7hrs observation) behind-the-wheel instruction. In other words, they take 7 lessons, 2 hours a day (1hr driving & 1 hr observation). Teens get 90 days to complete their 7 driving lessons. They schedule the driving lessons thru a third-party app at their own time and date. Driving slots are available as we are open 7 days a week. A DE-964 certificate is issued at the end of the course.

Our Cars: We have numbers of cars dedicated only for the training purposes of the students. These are specially designed with added gears keeping in mind the safety and easy learning for the students. These vehicles have an extra pair of rear-view mirrors, gas, and brake paddles. Which means that the vehicle control remains with the instructor.

Our Instructors: All our instructors are TDLR certified, matured, reliable, cool headed and professionally experienced. They have excellent teaching, driving and communication skills with sound technical knowledge. They teach students with patience and great care.

We offer the Teen Drivers Ed Course throughout the year. Register your teen online to confirm a spot. You can call us at 214-884-5350 or 214-884-5288.

Summer Special Teen Drivers ED

Every year Ideal Driving School offers Special Summer Ed Classes for teens! Summer classes starts as soon as the schools goes to summer vacation from the end of May. Registrations starts from March. We offer different timing for Special Summer Classes for the Teens! A calendar is available unser the tab Teen Ed Calendar

We at Ideal Driving School grasp the importance of responsive and competent driver’s education. We are more than ready and prepared to take on the task of coaching and training teenagers to become responsible drivers. We firmly believe that risks, accidents, and dangers can be lessened or avoided altogether if future drivers comprehend the importance of road safety and traffic rules adherence.

Teens who need to take only the 14 hours behind-the-wheel portion can call the office for further information.