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Defensive Driving Practices Reduce Road Risk

Based on the data provided by the US Department of Transportation, 90% of the total crashes can be blamed on driver error. This information is quite alarming. We should do our part in reducing road risks and accidents by observing defensive driving practices as promoted in the driving lessons in Allen. Here are some of the recommended defensive driving tips for us to follow:

  • Always prioritize safety
    We can deal better with other individuals’ bad driving practices by avoiding our own aggressive and inattentive inclinations which are emphasized in the driving lesson in Dallas. We should make sure there’s ample space between our car and the one in front of us.
  • Observe the 3 to 4-second rule
    Utilizing the 3 to 4-second rule will aid us to keep a safe following distance which will give us enough time to step on the brake if needed because of the biggest risk of collision in front of us. This is one of the things recommended in the adult driving ed. However, this will only work under normal traffic and fine weather. We should raise our following distance by one second for each of the conditions like rain, driving at night, fog, or trailing a big truck or motorbike.
  • Maintain your speed down
    The speed limits which are posted are applicable to ideal situations. It’s our obligation to make sure that we match our speed to the current conditions. This is accentuated in the teen driving course. Moreover, it would be harder for us to control our vehicle when some things don’t go right when we are driving at higher speeds.

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