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Debunking Misconceptions About Lady Drivers


We have heard people say women have poor driving skills, that women drive slowly during a Road Test, and that they are bad drivers. Others even joke about it, saying, “watch out for turning women!” And this isn’t funny at all.

Did you know that women are better drivers than people ever thought? Let us debunk two of the misconceptions people have about lady drivers.

  • Lady drivers are reckless.
    This statement is untrue. Studies show that nearly every year from 1975 to 2020, more men get involved in car crashes due to reckless driving practices – resulting in deaths triple the number of women involved in car collisions. With driver’s education from a driving school in DFW, Texas, we could prevent these from happening now.
  • Women are slow drivers.
    People even say that when a car drives slowly, surely a woman is behind the wheel. But never did these people realize that many women are only being careful and abiding by safe driving regulations they have learned from driving lessons in Allen.

These myths are unfair and degrading. Being a better driver doesn’t depend on gender. The attitude and discipline of the person in the driver’s seat make a difference. Let us stop stereotyping and better promote having a driving lesson in Dallas to know basic rules about road safety.

So be a better driver and enroll at Ideal Driving School. Our school accepts enrollees of all genders. For Driving Lessons in Arlington, call 214-884-5350.

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